Saturday, August 3, 2019

Get Help Paying Your Rent

The statistics of Americans who qualify as rent-burdened is steadily on the rise in the past fifteen years and it has doubled from 19% to 38%. The statistic shows that these Americans spend three-tenths of their income on rent. The alarming number of people that qualify as severely rent-burdened is at the rate of 17%. These percentages all indicate that millions of American families are struggling to afford rent payments on their homes. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways that you can find and secure rent assistance if you find yourself struggling to make your payments.

Charitable Grants

You have the ability to secure assistance from church organizations or nonprofits if your family is in need of emergency or short-term housing assistance. You can usually find assistance through local programs, but there are national programs as well. Bear in mind that these programs are typically limited to those facing eviction or who need emergency services to help in the short-term.

Short-Term Housing Assistance
You can apply for short-term rental voucher assistance or subsidy programs if you are in need of rental assistance for 3 months or less. Check with your state’s local housing authority on what’s available to you. You can also contact the 2-1-1 hotline in order to see what programs may fit your needs.

Long-Term Housing Assistance
You can get such assistance through HUD’s Section 8 low-income housing programs. Qualifying for this process can be lengthy and you may need to join a waitlist, but it’s worth checking into see if you qualify for this program. You can also check with your local housing authority to see what programs are available to you and your family. They may have certain housing developments, or homes, within your city or state that are available to you for lower rent options.

Rural Rental Housing Assistance
This is limited to certain areas and in general rural areas. The assistance is for use when an individual or family is spending 30% or more of their household income on the monthly rent. The USDA also often has lower rental opportunities available to families that qualify.

Trade Labor for Rent
If you’re willing and able to work for lower rent, you may consider speaking with your landlord. There may be opportunities for you to provide labor in exchange for a discounted rental rate. Some ideas could be:

  • Cleaning the grounds
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Shoveling snow
  • Gardening
  • Painting
  • Repairs

If you are skilled in a particular area, like plumbing or electrical work, this can also be of benefit to you in negotiations.

Speak to Your Landlord
Negotiating your rent with your landlord is possible sometimes. Try speaking with your landlord to negotiate a modified payment if you are going through financial difficulty or you are finding it difficult to pay your rent.  Your landlord may be able to spread out your rental payments over a longer period of time than the 12 or 24-month agreement, thus lowering your monthly payment obligation. Your landlord may be willing to renegotiate your lease agreement terms and lower your rental payments in total. Keep in mind that your landlord is not obligated to change your rental agreement or accept lower payments; however, it is worth a try.

Find a Roommate
Getting a roommate in order to divide the rent so it can be affordable can go a long way if your rental agreement allows it. Be sure to clearly define how costs will be split with your roommate and have them written into your lease agreement as well; including your roommate into your rental agreement is important because it holds them liable to the terms as well.


  1. I'm working only 8 hrs.per week. My income is 109 dollars. My rent is 1400.00 per math. My saving is almost depleted. Help!

  2. I am only working part time and only bring home less then $250.00 ever two weeks.

    1. I got 3days took from me, my check this 2 weeks was 235.

  3. I'm disabled. I have have been disbled since 1994. I've always worked, my doctors wont let me anymore so its very hard to make ends met. I can't y my electricity ever hardy.ive even applied for food stamps but have always been turned down

  4. I'm disabled I live by myself been here 6 years need help with my utilities rent went up from 475 to 5:50 my light bill is $318 my water bill is $170 I get SSI check 771 a month it's not enough + my phone bill is there's a place where they can help me every month all the time that would be really a good help I know the charity of their that they help you pay part of your rent all year long and you apply for it and they do it again and they work with you but don't know where to look for it please help me thank you

    1. Well I pay 400 a month I'm able to work because I've been sick the house that I'm staying in the roof is leaking the ceiling has black mold growing out of it I have nowhere to go and I need help

  5. I get disability and it's a very low amount and I meant it's 5:25 and I make 780 a month I have to pay bills included with totals the whole check so it's hard for me to make any other arrangements for anything else tabs things like that so that's my situation